Sydney Mardi Gras Pool Party KiKi

KiKi Mardi Gras Pool Party
(Kick Off With A KiKi this Mardi Gras Season)

“Oooh, she’s been a bitch tonight. It’s time Daywash had a Kiki!”

It’s Gay Day Pool Play time!

We all know that Sydney Mardi Gras brings the boys to the yard, but this year we’re calling them to the pool y’all.

That’s right, this coming Mardi Gras season Daywash is having its party cherry popped with our first ever poolside Kiki. So get ready to slip, slop and booty slap a hot boy or two high above the city skyline at the iconic ivy pool.

On a perfect Sydney summer’s afternoon Daywash Kiki will be awash with a sea of speedos and boardies ‘bulging’ with international talent flirting shamelessly with a lavish smattering of local boys perfectly positioned to receive visitors.

While some Mardi Gras circuits are winding down, Daywash Kiki will be heating up, welcoming you in with smooth tunes, classic anthems and booty-grinding beats – all served up fresh and fiercely by local and global DJ talent – alfresco at the ivy.

They say it aint over till the fat lady sings, so we’ve ensured some fine and phat performances curated exclusively for Daywash Kiki to keep the celebration burning all day long and into the night.

Remember though, Daywash tickets sell faster than a drag queen costume change, so get your booty into gear and secure your Kiki tickets pronto.

It’s your Kiki so snap off a piece, chew it all up and swallow.

Are you interested in securing your own private cabanna? Email to reserve your private ivy pool cabana one at no cost (just a min bar spend)

Bottoms up!

The Lineup

KiKi Pool Party is known for its outstanding DJ & entertainment lineups – just take a look a KiKi New Year’s Long Weekend to get the idea.

We’re excited to announce Kitty Glitter JimJam  & the KiKi debut of DJ Mickey for KiKi Mardi Gras Pool Party.

Kitty Glitter JimJam Mickey to DJ Kiki Mardi Gras Pool Party

The Crowd

Photos from Kiki Pool Party 2016

Event Details

Saturday 18th February 2017


Ivy Pool Deck
Level 4, 320 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Sydney Mardi Gras Pool Party Let's Have A Kiki!

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