Sydney Mardi Gras Finale Party DJ’s Announced

Mardi Gras 2017: Most Wanted

Daywash’s Mardi Gras Finale Party is always a highlight of the Mardi Gras festival. Saying goodbye to the weekend that was. The day after the parade, after you’ve walked out of the hordern pavillion or royal hall of industries at 8am in the morning, glistening in the morning sun from all the sweat youve expunged from dancing up a storm, take your mates back to a recovery party and get ready for one last party. You know it’s good, because it’s Daywash, it’s always good, but what you’re most excited about is that you know there will be hoards of internationally imported fresh meat that want to party just as hard as you and you know the music is going to be incredible.

Why do we know you know that? Because the DJ lineup at Daywash’s Mardi Gras Finale Party is always the best, 2016’s NEON Party was outstanding, but 2017’s Uniform Salute Mardi Gras Final Party promises to be even better.

Get More Info: Daywash Mardi Gras Closing Party  – Uniform Salute

With international names like Joelby (UK) and Mike Kelly (GER) added to a lineup of domestic household names, you know that Uniform Salute Mardi Gras Finale Party is going to be the only way to spend the final day of Sydney Mardi Gras 2017.

Sydney Mardi Gras Weekend Daywash Most Wanted DJ's

Sydney Mardi Gras Weekend Daywash Most Wanted DJ's

Sydney Mardi Gras Weekend Daywash Most Wanted DJ's

Mardi Gras Finale Party Lineup: Uniform Salute


  • Joelby (UK)
  • Mike Kelly (GER)

Daywash All-Stars & Guests

  • JimJam
  • DJ Mickey
  • Brett Austin
  • Murray Hood
  • Division 4
  • Sveta
  • Jimmy Dee
  • Neil Hume
  • Matt Green
  • DJ Anvi
  • Craig Hemphill (MEL)
  • Paul Watson (MEL)

All of this across a venue bursting with entertainment and 4 rooms across 3 levels like no other party in Sydney. Homegrown and Australian Made (not a knock-off of a European circuit party), Daywash Mardi Gras Finale Party – Uniform Salute is the only play to spend the last day of your Mardi Gras experience.