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Between Daywash and Kiki Pool Party, your dancefloor mojo will be on overdrive and you’re only two days into the new year!

Oh, and because we’re all about your ultimate pleasure, we’re offering you a huge discount if you buy the Daywash and Kiki Pool Party Weekender Pass (limited Available). But hurry cause we can’t hold that bargain load for too long.

It’s Monday 2 Jan 2017 and you can’t remember much from NYD. Sunrise reminds you that you are suffering from amnesia. But because you’re kind of person that looks at the positive in any situation, you come to the conclusion that this has freed more space in your head to fill with new memories. And the best way to do that is to make a splash at the infamous annual KiKi Pool party, the ultimate Gay Day Play to welcome the new year!

On January 2nd, the ivy pool opens wide for boys in budgie smugglers, boardies and everything in between as Kiki Pool Party gets wet, wild and loose.

This fabulous flesh fest of fly guys spans across one of the most incredible rooftop venues in the country. Grab a cabana and chillax with a cock (tail) in your hand while the Ibiza inspired tunes, smooth sunset and pumpin’ pool eases the crowd into automatic flirt mode.

Reserve your private ivy pool cabana one at no cost (just a min bar spend but, hey it’s new years!). Fill out the form on this page to request a booking.

The Lineup

daywash gay party sydney Kidd Madonny Kiki Gay Pool Party Sydney

“Specially Imported” From Miami, FL this DJ knows a thing or 2 about pool parties! Known across the globe for his electrifying performances and dazzling displays as much as he’s known for his high-energy sets, we are certainly in for a few surprises!

daywash gay party sydney Wayne G Kiki Gay Pool Party Sydney

San Francisco, CA isn’t the warmest place in January, so we weren’t surprised when the internationally renowned Wayne G. said he would come back to Sydney to give everyone some of that classic Wayne G. goodness that he has served Australia and the world, time over.. We are craving his uplifting beats.

daywash gay party sydney Kitty Glitter Kiki Gay Pool Party Sydney

Need we say more? The return of Kitty Glitter couldn’t have been more puurrrfect timing. The queen of camp and the diamond of dance, we suggest you do a good shoulders session leading up to Kiki, because lord knows you’ll have those arms flailing up in the air for a long time!

daywash gay party sydney Dan Slater Kiki Gay Pool Party Sydney

Dance Now or Dan Slater… either way its inevitable that this home-grown, jet-setting global phenomenon will have you working up just enough sweat with his progressive circuit sounds to convince you to dive into the ivy pool.

daywash gay party sydney Kate Munroe Kiki Gay Pool Party Sydney

The 1st Lady Of House will be gracing us with her royal presence and commands all subjects to have a KiKi. She will be showing you just why she holds this title and has been at the forefront of Australia’s house music scene ruling dance floors here and overseas.

ADEVA (Performing Live)

Adeva Performing Live at Kiki Pool Party
We are so excited to announce the cherry on the top of our KiKi Pool Party lineup with house vocalist ADEVA.

Highly regarded on the house circuit in both the UK & US, ADEVA shot to fame with a string of UK & US chart-topping dance tracks in the late eighties and early ninties including “Respect”, “Warning” & “Thankyou” and then later “It should have been me” and “Independant Woman”.

She‘s well-known for collaborating with the late Frankie Knuckles, regularly referred to as the ’father of house’ music, amongst other artists including Erik Prydz.

Request A Cabana

ADEVA Flashback