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Freemasons Sydney Australia Day 2017
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Thursday 26 January 2017 (Australia Day holiday) | ARQ Sydney Arena From 10pm
(note 1:30am lock out times apply)

All the way from humble beginnings in East Sussex England, top UK dance music producers Freemasons are coming back on tour down under.

It’s no secret that Sydney has been having a long term love affair with these platinum selling artists. Since headlining Mardi Gras in 2007, we’ve been dancing to their multitude of chart topping hits including ‘Love on My Mind’, ‘Rain Down Love’, ‘Uninvited’ etc.

One of the most sort after remixer/producers for artists such as Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Kylie, and Sophie Ellis Bextor, Freemasons have regularly topped the charts worldwide with their remixes.

The Freemasons are headed to Sydney for one special night of classic anthems to continue this long term love affair.

On one special night only, all your favourite Freemason anthems and more will be seamlessly mixed under the dazzling new light and laser show upstairs in the ARQ arena.

Supporting djs will be local music maestro’s Dan Slater and JimJam.

Unlike Mariah and James – let’s prove we can commit to a long term relationship and keep this love affair going.

Don’t miss this one night of pure pleasure – guaranteed more than just a happy ending!

Ticket scanners used for entry | Valid ID required +18 | Responsible Service of Alcohol in action

Freemasons Sydney Australia Day: Lineup

Freemasons Sydney Australia Day


JimJam Freemasons Sydney Australia Day


DJ Dan Slater Freemasons Sydney Australia Day

DJ Dan Slater

Before Freemasons Sydney show, here’s some classics