Tastylia France, Tastylia USA


Attention muscle boys, jocks, twinks, twunks, wolves, cubs, pups, bears, bulls, and the whole nine yards of boys in between, Australia’s first ever all-gay frat party is about to unleash some serious heat over Sydney with Alpha Gamma Delta Daywash.

Getting ready to flex its bad-boy-bits across the upcoming October long weekend, this oiled-up fun-filled frat frenzy will feature an unstoppable line up of kick-ass DJs, special guest performers and an A-Team of frat boys ready to initiate your entry point!

Think cheeky, freaky, frat house antics, bump ’n’ grinding tunes to get you wiggling, and a fierce crowd of fratastic boys ready to honour their Frat God with down’n’dirty rituals that would make Zeus himself blush and bulge.

Remember, what goes on at the Alpha Gamma Delta House, stays at the Alpha Gamma Delta House.

Our parties aren’t just about the music, but the’re also about the friendly crowd, the entertainment, and the memories. Our Daywasher party goers know what to expect. There are four dance rooms indoors and outdoors. Musical pleasure for almost every dance genre (Club/Pop/Trance/Dirty House/Tech/High Energy/Deep House/RnB/Circuit/Disco and more), and for the very first time we have just opened the 80s and 90s OLD SKOOL room bringing sexy back!

Tastylia France, Tastylia USA

Victoria Anthony, Johny BlueBoy, Brett Austin, Mickey, Jade Glover (Mel), JimJam, Craig Hemphill (Mel), Matt Green, Amanda Louise, Murray Hood, Chris Spicer (Mel), Anvi, Sveta, Mason Andrews ,Paul Watson (Mel), Neil Hume

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