Daywash Frat Party


No other name in Sydney is as synonymous with day partying and crazy antics as Daywash.

Since Daywash burst onto Sydney’s party scene on the October long weekend in 2009, it has gone on to become one of the most popular events on the gay calendar and a staple of the Sydney party circuit.

Held three to four times a year, Daywash takes place at Chinese Laundry – with its maze of corridors and stairways leading to four main dance rooms: the penthouse, the dirty laundry, basement and the world-famous courtyard. Each area has its own style of music catering to everyone – from vocal house classics to deep house, electro and progressive.

Daywash has hosted over 300 DJs and even more entertainers and celebrities keeping partygoers entertained throughout the day.

This October long weekend, you can expect nothing less from the Daywash team with the first Frat Party.

Whether you’re a muscle boy, a twink, a twunk, wolf, cub, pup, bear, bull and the whole nine yards of boys in between, Daywash is set to unleash some serious heat over Sydney with Alpha Gamma Delta Daywash.

Get ready to flex your muscles at the October long weekend oiled-up fun-filled frat frenzy, with an unstoppable line up of kickass DJs and special guest performers.

Just remember what happens at Alpha Gamma Delta House stays at Alpha Gammar Delta House.

The line up of DJs will include Haylenise, Jade Glover, Craig Hemphill, Paul Watson, Amanda Louise, Brett Austin , JimJam, Murray Hood, Mickey, Mason Andrews, Johny Blueboy, Matt Green, DJ Anvi, Sveta and Neil Hume.

Get in quickly for a special two for one buddy pass – available for a limited time only.